Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drop waist dress

Drop waist dresses

They are essential item  for any girl's closet.  I have too many drop down waist dress because  the 60's usually dominates my style. Yes, the drop waistline with longer bodice section and flirtatious skirt.

Please note for ladies with curves, this dress can be tricky to wear. I highly suggest wearing a belt to define your waistline like  the last features.

Here are my Etsy finds:

Vintage 60s drop waist dress by Etsy store SkivvyLuLuVintage

Drop Waist Dress by etsy store oldage

Drop waist dress by Etsy store MarMarVintage

Do you have any drop waist dress? If so,  do you wear it for the daytime or evening?

xoxo Maria from MarMarVintage


  1. The polka dot dress is adorable!

  2. Replies
    1. OOh I want to get it but I already have another dress on top of my wishlist.

  3. These are all so cute! I especially love the first one.

    I own quite a few drop waist dresses, both vintage and modern. Most of my vintage ones are from the 1960s, but I have one from the 1920s too! I wear them for any time and every occasion. They're versatile and cute, and make me feel like a flapper!

  4. Me encanta el primer vestido y el de lunares!

    1. oh i love love love the green striped one! such a beautiful dress, but droped waist dresses aren´t so flatterin on me:(
      love and kiss,mary


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