Saturday, August 13, 2011

birthday dresses

For the past few weeks, I have been busy decorating my new place and birthday.
My friend Michelle will doing a photo session at my recent place.. It has midcentury and retro look displayed into each rooms. I can't wait my husband finishes hanging up my frames.  This post is quick review of my multi color home.

For this birthday, I wanted to wear two amazing dresses.
The first dress is featuring the vintage inspired designer, Dear Creatures. They are one of my favorite designer duo ( married couple, Bianca and Rob). I got several compliments over adorable chambray dress on the streets . 

Dear Creatures Gretal dress

My night dress was featuring  my Vintage win on HellCatVintage. This colorful dress was perfect for dinner at Highland park's famous Folliero. 
I just found that this amazing Etsy store is closing..
 please check this store link:

I will have some more posts soon. I need to get ready for tomorrow's Rose Bowl flea market. Don't forget to check me out. 

thank you


  1. Great pictures... very nice... check me out


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