Saturday, July 9, 2011

granny sandals chic

When I was growing up, my mom and her best friends used to take community classes. They took some ESL classes with amazing woman named Elizabeth Moser. Several of my granny inspired look came from her.  Since my tamale foots are sensitive ,  I always looking for stylish orthopedic shoes.

Apparently other celebrity style icons like Alex Chung  totally understand my granny sandal fascination.
Alexa Chung in Clarks sandals
Here is  some amazing  Granny sandals on Etsy:

woven leather. granny sandals by Etsy store stickylipgloss

vintage open toe slingbacks 9.5 by Etsy store snailboat

rainbow sandals by Etsy store annalynne
VintagePeep Toe 7 Half 8 M Sandals by Etsy store OliverandAlexa
vintage Hush Puppies by Etsy store OracleMuse



  1. those rainbow ones are amazing! who doesn't want to be granny chic???

  2. So true... Everygirl needs to get a pair of these sandals.. they are so comfortable and stylish:)
    thank you


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