Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter White

White is  a great transition color  to the upcoming pastel spring time.  
A few weeks ago, I found this amazing off white wool coat. I usually have second thoughts over light colors but I fell in love with  it.

Wool Coat: Thrifted 
 Tights: American Apparel Opaque pantyhose Dusky Rose
Gloves: Thrifted 

Boots: Thrifted 
All pictures  above were taken by Michelle

This  past weekend, I went to the Dear  Creatures  sample sale at   TLO  ( The Loved One) with my  part time assistant.  Poor guy, he saw  how  women act crazy around  cheap clothes.  
Regardless,  I got two amazing pieces for work.  Honestly I'm started to enjoy dressing for work, every morning.  Like my co-worker mention, I  should bring a " bit of Maria " in my outfit..  aka "  bit of color"  :)  How is your workplace? Do you get  wear causal clothes or business suits?   I would love to hear about your work outfits:)

Maria from MarMarVintage


  1. Beautiful Coat! love it...and your gloves...oh my!

  2. Great find!! I work in a professional office, but I don't have to wear business suits (thank god!). I love wearing dresses so I don't have to make any real adjustments to my wardrobe when I'm at work....other than covering my tattoos, which can be a problem when it's 115 degrees and I'm wearing a long sleeve cardigan!! :P


  3. oh this coat is beyond fabulousness darling! absolutely lovin it and your matching gloves are gorgous too!


  4. @ ParasolVintage Thank you, sweetie.:)

    @Adrian - OOh lucky girl:) All next week , I need to wear business suits for my company's open house. :( During summertime, just remind yourself that a light weight cardigan is a better than blazer:)

    @MaryLou -- Awww thank you Mary.... The matching gloves were a find at a local yard sale:) I wish that I could wear gloves more often


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