Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day and new feature Thrifty Friday

 Thrifty Friday

Today, I am remembering my Veterans in my family: my Uncle Salvador ( RIP) who fought in WWII, my brother, and my cousins Armando and Feli.
For Veterans Weekend-NOW to Monday morning Enter VETERANSLOVE in the coupon code and get 20 % discount off your MarMarVintage Etsy purchase.

I am starting a new feature on my blog as Thrifty Friday. 
Posting pictures of my vintage finds that I found at local flea markets and yard sales.
 These vintage gems allow me to decorate my cozy home. 

Turtle foot stool found at flea market

Turtle foot stool found at flea market

back side  turtle foot stool

Sunflower picnic basket at the flea market

picnic basket and M monogram pillow from estate sale 

Monogram pillow- $ 1.00
Turtle foot stool - $ 4.00
Picnic Basket- $ 7.00
I was lucky to score  these  deals for the total of $ 12.00.

I want to challenge myself, this weekend's flea market. How many vintage Christmas decorations can I get for $10. Let's see  how I complete this task. 

I'm excited to hang out with my mom. I am going to introduce her to  Elsie from  A beautiful Mess.  She didn't believe me that someone else  is blogging about pom pom's . Instantly, Elsie will  have her first over 70 year old fan. 


Maria from MarMarVintage


  1. Well how awesome! Elsie is so sweet and pretty! I met her in person at the Renegade Craft fair in Chicago and totally went stalker crazy and happy on her...she was so sweet about it! Have a blast, Sweet Lady! You really did make out like a bandit at that flea market, such sweet purchases! :) I do appreciate your families service! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. thank you Janna. Your comments and blog always make my day.
    I hope that I found some cheap deals tomorrow. I love going for the hunt at the flea market. :)
    For Elsie- My mom was in love with her style and creative projects. She is encouraging me to display my creative side online like Elsie and other bloggers. Trust me , I would be a dork around her. She is too adorable.

    xoxo Maria


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