Monday, November 7, 2011

Singing in the LA Rain

Singing in the LA Rain

A rare occurrence in the Southern California skies, there was the rain. This past weekend, it was little showers happened throughout the day and night time.  Perfect chance to bring out  my raincoat and  umbrella. I realized that  I have no rainboots. :(
After searching online stores, I found these some adorable  rainboots on Modcloth. I might save my pennies from my future yard sales and buy these beauties.

Rachel Antonoff for Bass I Love the Rainboots

I also found some amazing Etsy finds:

TURQUOISE Long Trench/Rain Coat by Etsy store OtherPeoplesProperty
Brown Rubber Galoshes by Etsy store LEnfantTerrible

Vintage Reversible Raincoat by Etsy store denisebrain

Nautical hooded jacket by Etsy store DOTTO
Dress Umbrella by Etsy store Archivia
Brown & Pink Floral Rain Umbrella by Etsy store UP4grabs
Misty Harbor Raincoat by Etsy store tialeyvintage

Today was a wonderful day.  I found out that I won a Forager Cape from Dear Creatures contest. 
My beautiful vintage mod dress was also posted DC's twitter account. A sweet gift  one day after  celebrating my two year wedding anniversary.

Maria  from MarMarVintage 


  1. Congratulations on winning the cape! Do you suppose you will still have LA rain by the time it arrives?

    Lovely rain choices!

  2. my LADY.

    your blog is killer. SO ARE ALL OF THESE RAIN THINGS!

    of DOTTO

  3. Thanks for featuring! Darling Blog :)

  4. Denise Brain--- It's suppose to rain this weekend. Let's hope that the cape gets here in time:)

    Nicole--- Aww thank you. All of these Etsy vendor have amazing vintage finds and deserve an extra shout-out. :)

    DanaMarie-- thank you!

    - Maria

  5. Wow, I'm such a sucker for amazing umbrellas like that!

  6. Indy---- I wish that manufacturers would still make beautiful Umbrella. I hate wasting my money on cheap umbrella from F21 or H&M. They only last for three storms when they break.

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