Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My inner Mori girl

Mori Girl Fashion

At the flea markets, I usually cater  to the Japanese buyer who cater vintage clothing to the different subcultures. One of my favorite Japanese subculture would be the Mori girls.  "Mori" means forest in Japanese. This unique style attracts creative girl who are in touch with nature.
Mori girls tend to wear floral dresses, puffy prairie aprons, nude color blouses, long maxi skirts  and Gunne Sax attire.

I channeled my inner Mori girl for this photo shoot.

The Mori Dress can be purchased on my Etsy store
Dress: Floral mori girl dress

Smock: Thrifted
Tights- Target
Boots: Thrifted
All pictures  above were taken by Michelle

You could find your inner Mori girl. 
Here are my Etsy finds:

Black Calico Floral Dress by Etsy store paramountvintage

Country Blue Corset Prairie Dress by Etsy store drowsySwords

floral Gunne sax dress by Etsy store ButterToastBoutique

XOXO Maria  from MarMarVintage


  1. OOOhhhh! I want to find my inner mori girl! I love all of those pictures! Your so pretttttty! Love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. aww thank you Janna.. I know that you have mori girl style inside you.
    :) you are a true sweetheart
    xoxo Maria

  3. You look gorgeous! You channeled the Mori girl look wonderfully! :)

  4. thank you, Meanz. It's a great honor to read your comment. It made my entire week:)

    xoxo Maria

  5. You look beautiful!! I like your dress,it's pretty!


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