Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween owl cupcakes by me 

Over the weekend, my neighbors and I had a Halloween party. At the last minute, my husband changed his mind over our couple Halloween costume. My husband dressed up as GI joe and I dressed up as  Teresa ( Barbie) costume.  I became excited to dress like one of  my childhood doll.
The vintage wedding dress was found at local yard sale . The friendly woman told me that the vintage dress was purchased by her daughter at local Goodwill store. She sold this dress for cheap price ( for $1) if I had tons of fun wearing it.  Her wish came true.

Teresa doll  All rights of this picture  reserved by 68ben10  

Teresa and GI joe

rosie the riveter, Clyde and Teresa (Barbie) doll

Later tonight, I am going to dress up as  Sophia petrillo from the Golden Girl. My husband's boss asked me if I could take some kids trick o treating. It might be training lesson for my husband and I. It might be the last single Halloween before we become parents.

here is a link to Etsy article
last minute Halloween -Golden Girls

Maria from MarMarVintage


  1. Hey!It must be fun to celebrate halloween and you look really pretty!

  2. Oh my gosh, Maria, PLEASE post pictures of your Sophia costume! It's so you! Haha

  3. Ohhh! How cute are you and all your friends! I hope you both had fun trick or training...Oops...I mean treating! Hee hee! Hearts...and Happy Halloween, Janna Lynn

  4. Ahh those cupcakes are absolutely wonderful - you did an incredible job! Meanwhile, I'm loving your costume, and the Sophia one sounds wonderful!

  5. awww thank you for everyone's comments.
    It was funny making the cupcakes. I can't wait for the next holiday , Thanksgiving day.

    Michelle-- my pictures came out too dark. I might need some of your help. Sophia looked amazing.

  6. Maria, I'm totally down for a Sophia shoot! :P


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