Thursday, October 20, 2011

8000 nerves - Fall 2011

8000 Nerves 

I  stumbled across this adorable LA based brand, 8000 nerves.
The creative designer, Efi Green, is channeling adorableness  in this fall collection. 

Please check out some of my favorite picks from their fall collection:

Style no. 32-091113

Style no. 32-081102

Style no. 13-081113
Style no. Top: 52-091106
                  Shorts: 27-081115

Style no. 36-081108

Modcloth is currently selling this adorable line. 
Please check out at  the following link:

 If you love this designs and wants to see it in person, I highly asking your boutique about carrying 8000 nerves line.
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