Monday, September 19, 2011

yogurt break

This past weekend, my husband and I  had an  quick yogurt break. I discovered how much that I adore eating kiwi after using it as one of my topping.  Now my fridge is stocked up this amazing fruit. Yum.

Recently I found this  1950's day dress inside  my "soon to be Etsy" storage bins. Yes, I have several cute dresses inside my storage bins and need to be displayed on Etsy.

Hopefully this Friday and part of this weekend, I will be working my Halloween looks collection.

My outfit
Dress-1950's  Prago Fashions LTD  day dress
Sweater- Oversized American Apparel cardigan 
Belt- thrifted
Shoes- thrifted 

Maria from MarMarVintage


  1. Aww thank you, sweetheart ...I was going to sell this dress but I was so happy that it fit me:)


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