Monday, May 9, 2011

pleated detailing

♥  Nasty Gal knows how make it better 

After checking my favorite online store Nasty Gal, I fell in love this adorable pleated pink dress. 
While growing up in the 80's, I would associate pleat detail to my aunt's formal dress. 

Pleats+plenty of fabric= Dorothy Zbornak

 It was a shame until I saw this sexy dress on Nasty Gal. I never realized that pleated details could be updated to perfection.
Pleated dress+ Showing off a little leg=New stylish look to 2011

Sweet Pleats dress found on Nasty Gal
I found these other amazing pleated detailing dresses on Etsy.

1 comment:

  1. Yikes those are some gorgeous dresses, not to mention the long legged beauty wearing them. I have a really long magenta colored dress thats pleated like that and wore it for Halloween one year. Fun fabric :D


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